I’ve been extremely fortunate to have benefited from the intellectual guid-
portion of this book originated in dissertation work completed some time
ago, and I first wish to express my thanks to William Keach, Bob Scholes,
Ellen Rooney, and Henry Abelove for their insightful and patient assistance
in that endeavor. I am particularly grateful to Henry,whose intelligence, in-
tegrity, and affection continually guide me in matters personal and profes-
sional. He exemplifies all the best one hopes to find in a scholar, a teacher,
and a friend.
Many colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh have been selfless in ex-
tending crucial advice, support, and friendshipwhen all were needed most,
and I wish to thank in particular Jonathan Arac, Paul Bové, Danae Clark,
Toi Derricotte, Jane Feuer, Sabine Hake, Ronald Judy,Valerie Krips, Marcia
Landy, Colin MacCabe, Dwight McBride, Marianne Novy, Carol Stabile,
Richard Tobias, John Twyning, Bruce Venarde, and Sabine von Dirke. As
colleagues they have provided the kind of exciting intellectual community
one always hopes to have; as friends, they have made collegiality a joy.The
affectionate support and confidence so generously given by the late Carol
Kay were especially wonderful gifts; she made Pittsburgh a very special
place to be. Jonathan Arac devoted precious time to read and comment on
the entire manuscript, and his advice helped me immeasurably. More than
once Ronald Judy sat me down and helped me to figure out what seemed to
be intractable problems, and for this I will always be grateful. I also want
to thank the editorial collective of boundary 2, especially editor Paul Bové,
whose yearly get-togethers consistently furnish productive intellectual ex-
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