I have incurred many debts in the long process of writing this book, and it
seems quite impossible today to adequately acknowledge everyone who has
contributed in so many ways to its fruition.
The book is based in part on my dissertation research. I want to thank
Antoinette Burton, David Scott, and Beverly Silver for their early guidance,
thoughtful and generous criticisms, and continued support over the years. In
a less direct way, Partha Chatterjee and Giovanni Arrighi have been sources
of both inspiration and encouragement from the very inception of this project.
I thank them, too. Mrinalini Sinha and Gail Minault read a chapter early on.
Their enthusiasm and generous comments were sources of much needed cour-
age at the time, and since. Ananda Chanda, Ethel Hazard, Michael Dorsey,
Morten Hansen, Amitabh Chowdhry, and, especially, Sarah Khokhar played
important roles, directly or indirectly, in the conception of this book during
my years at Hopkins.
The Program in Comparative International Development, Department of
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