Visionary Pragmatism is profoundly indebted to conversations and engage-
ments with countless students, faculty, and members of the broader commu-
nity in the action research teams movement in Northern Arizona, as well as to
conversations with scholarly colleagues at professional occasions across North
America, Europe, and Australia for the past seven years.
In this overly abundant context I am inexpressibly grateful to the follow-
ing people for their inspiring example, generosity, and insights: Paul Apos-
tolidis, Frankie Beesley, Jane Bennett, Lauren Berutich, Craig Borowiak,
Harry Boyte, P.J. Brendese, Danielle Celermajer, Gerald Coles, Maria Coles,
Marianna ColesCurtis, Miles ColesCurtis, William Connolly, Kimberley Cur-
tis, Ian Dixon- MacDonald, Jacob Dolence, Peter Euben, Coral Evans, Luis
Fernandez, Laura Grattan, Joanna Hale, Lia Haro, Bonnie Honig, Ron Hu-
bert, Chris Huebner, John Hultgren, Wahleah Johns, Nicholas Kompridis, Eli
Lauren- Bernstein, Madison Ledgerwood, Jason Lowry, Sandra Lubarsky, Jane
Marks, John Meyer, Leah Mundell, Robert Neustadt, Aletta Norval, Joel Ol-
son, Melissa Orlie, Billy Parrish, Patrick Pfeifer, Nina Porter, Tamara Ramirez,
Mark Reinhardt, Lizett Castruita Rivera, Blase Scarnati, David Schlosberg,
Mort Schoolman, Sandy Schram, George Shulman, Nicholas Tampio, Frank
Vander Valk, Marina Vasquez, and Miguel Vasquez. There are so many others
whose ideas, lives, and imaginations have informed this work—sometimes in
ways that are as profound as they were brief.
To Ella Myers and an anonymous reviewer at Duke University Press, I owe
special thanks for reading the entire manuscript and making innumerable
suggestions that greatly improved this work. I am grateful to Courtney Berger,
senior editor at Duke University Press, for being an incomparable editor in
every way.
A section of chapter 1 contains significantly revised and expanded mate-
rial that was first published in an article entitled “The Neuropolitical Habitus
of Resonant Receptive Democracy,” Ethics and Global Politics 4, no. 4 (2011)
(Creative Commons), that was later included in Essays on Neuroscience and
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