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Articles Cited from the 1857 Constitution
Title I. Section I. Of the Rights of
Art. 14: Laws can not be issued retroactively. No one may be judged nor sentenced,
except according to the laws enacted prior to the fact and exactly applied to it by
the tribunal previously established by law.
Art. 16: No one’s person, family, house, papers, and possessions may be disturbed,
except in accordance with a written order from the competent authorities that
establishes the legal cause of the procedure. In the case of delito infraganti [fla-
grante delicto or red handed], anyone may be apprehended as the delinquent and
his accomplices and placed without delay at the disposal of the immediate au-
Art. 27: The property of persons may not be occupied with out their consent, ex-
cept in case of public utility and prior indemnity. The law determines the au-
thority that must conduct the expropriation and the requirements with which
this must be verified. No civil or ecclesiastic corporation, whatever its character,
denomination or object, will have the legal capacity to acquire real estate in prop-
erty or administration, with the only exception being that of buildings destined
immediately and directly to the service or object of the institution.
Title III. Section III. Of Legal Powers
Art. 101: The tribunals of the federation will resolve all controversy that arises:
I. From the laws or acts of any authority that protect the rights of the indi-
II. From the laws or acts of the federal authority that violate or restrict the
sovereignty of the states.
III. From laws or acts of these authorities that invade the domain of the fed-
eral authority.
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