The “Rethinking Vulnerability and Re sistance: Feminism and Social Change”
workshop took place at Columbia University’s Global Center in Istanbul, Tur-
key, September 16–20, 2013. We would like to thank Marianne Hirsch and
the Women Creating Change initiative at Columbia University’s Center for
the Study of Social Difference for organ izing that workshop, which made this
book pos si ble. We are also indebted to the Mellon Foundation award to Ju-
dith Butler for Distinguished Scholarship in the Humanities that helped to
support the event. Our enduring appreciation goes to Ipek Cem- Taha, Rana
Zincir, Verda Özer, and Neslihan Berkman of the Istanbul Global Center for
accommodating us and coordinating the venue’s heavy schedule. We thank
Vina Tran from the Center for the Study of Social Difference for coordinating
the event and for all her assistance during that week. We also thank Amanda
Armstrong for her invaluable assistance in preparing the manuscript. We
would like to acknowledge Nacira Guénif- Souilimas of Paris XIII University,
who was an invaluable interlocutor at the workshop. The production staff at
Duke University Press has also been enormously helpful throughout this pro-
cess, and we thank them for all their support. We are most thankful to Ayelet
Even-Nur and Saniya Taher for their help with copy-editing, and to Eileen
Quam, whose index is invaluable.
This proj ect was assisted through vari ous highly appreciated forms of so-
cial and intellectual conversations: we thank Banu Karaca from Sabancı Uni-
versity and the anticensorship organ ization Siyah Bant, Dilan Okçuoğlu from
Queens University, Bade Okçuoğlu from the lgbtQI organ ization Lambda
Istanbul, Özlem Aslan from Feminist Approaches in Culture and Politics, Zelal
Yalçın from Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter, Özlem Yasak from the Diyarbakır
Demo cratic In de pendent Women’s Movement, Müge Sökmen from Metis
Publishers and pen Turkey, Sezen Yalçın from the Socialist Feminist Collec-
tive, Volkan Yılmaz from the Social Policy, Sexual Identity and Orientations
Research Association, and Nazan Üstündağ from Boğaziçi University, for
sharing their views and po litical strug gles with us. We are also thankful to
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