abastecedores Suppliers of com-
modities (cattle, bread), either
wholesale merchants or retail
Abasto (Mercado de Abasto) Place
where cattle provisions for the city
are concentrated and sold under
the scrutiny of ‘‘corral judges.’’
agregados Squatters on ranchers’
lands, their presence tolerated by
the ranchers in exchange for some
services (vigilance and occasional
help in seasonal tasks).
alcaldes Rural policemen. Assistants
to the police chief or to the justice
of the peace.
bota de potro Leather sock or
‘‘boot’’ made from the skin of a
mare’s leg.
capataz Foreman, usually in charge
of a small crew of laborers.
caudillismo Political order based
upon the dominium of a strong
man, the ‘‘caudillo.’’ Generally, the
caudillo exercises power without
many institutional constraints,
facilitated in part by the support he
enjoys from the subaltern classes.
There is an intense debate today
about the meaning of ‘‘caudil-
lismo,’’ particularly as it relates to
clientelism, feudalism, hegemony
of country over city, and the
informal nature of governance.
chiripá Rectangular piece of cloth
(usually a poncho) crossed to cover
the legs (to the knees) and tied to
the waist. Used by paysanos in lieu
of trousers.
cintillo Scarlet ribbon used by
federalists around their hats.
clasificaciones Same as filiaciones.
conocido A person well known in
the local community.
contratas Vouchers stating the basic
conditions of a work contract
(employer and worker, term of
contract, and work to be per-
formed). Used as protection
against vagrancy laws.
cordobés Native of Córdoba
correntino Native of Corrientes
criadores Raisers of livestock (cattle
and sheep) owning small herds.
They may or may not own the land
where their livestock grazes.
divisa Scarlet ribbon used by
federalists on their jackets,
ponchos, waistcoats, or shirts.
entrerriano Native of Entre Ríos
estancia A large extension of land
devoted to livestock raising.
estancieros Owners of large estan-
cias, or cattle ranches.
federales Followers or sympathizers
of federalism, a doctrine that
privileges the organization of the
nation as a federation of provinces.
In practice, federalism represented
a cluster of values, including social
equality, political unanimity,
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