This book has been and continues to be a long trip. Inasmuch as it is a prod-
uct of private roaming, it is also a site where many have traveled. It is those
travelers whom I thank here.
To begin, the book wouldn’t be what it is without the loving support
of my dissertation advisor, Fred Moten. Fred has been with and for this
project from the beginning; in fact, I recall sharing my initial fragments
of an idea with him in his office at nyu. Even though I didn’t know what
Wandering would become, what it would care about and what it would
leave alone, Fred’s faith in the work stayed constant throughout the dura-
tion of the project. I have learned what it means to teach from that faith.
Indeed, I have benefited from Fred’s model, as a teacher, scholar, and ethi-
cal person. I love this guy and am tremendously thankful for his presence
in my life. I am also deeply blessed to know his wife, Laura Harris, and to
have met his awesome kids.
Also during my graduate work at nyu, I am thankful to have learned
from professors such as May Joseph, André Lepecki, the late and deeply
missed José Muñoz, Kobena Mercer, and Barbara Browning, and from my
fellow graduate students as well. They include Alexandra Vazquez, Christine
Bacareza Balance, Hypatia Vourloumis, Ayanna Lee, Lauren Cooper, Shane
Vogel, Ricardo Montez, Arin Mason, Jennifer Chan, Jo Novelli, Danielle
Goldman, Tony Perucci, Cristof Migone, and Sara Jane Bailes. Also, I’m
happy to have traveled with some of my old Rutgers comrades at that time
as well—Edgar Rivera Colón and Jeremy Glick.
After nyu I continued work on the dissertation as a visiting scholar in
the Ethnic Studies Department at uc Berkeley. I thank Jahleezah Eskew,
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