I have been working on the cultures and politics of repro
for well over a decade and thus this book has roots in idea
tions, and conversations that captured my imagination long
I began to conceive of it as a book. It is a pleasure to arri
end of sorts, in no small part because it provides an occasio
press my profound gratitude to those who have guided, in
and sustained me on an extended journey.
My mentors, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Priscill
gave immeasurable gifts of teaching and scholarship, and c
to give the friendship and support that mean so much to me
tri has modeled a feminist sensibility that I will always draw
Priscilla, as is her wont, has given commitment new meani
her boundless enthusiasm, wise counsel, and willingness t
in I thank Susan Gillman. For getting me started so man
back I am deeply indebted to Neil Lazarus, Mary Ann
Elizabeth Weed, and Jacqueline Rose.
An extraordinary group of interlocutors have engag
book at each stage. For reading the entire manuscript an
ing thoughtful and detailed suggestions for improvement
Gail Bederman, Sarah Franklin, Susan Gillman, Miranda
and Priscilla Wald. The members of my feminist writing
at the University of Washington, Madeleine Yue Dong, R
Kahanna, Uta Poiger, Priti Ramamurthy, and Lynn Thom
fered astute commentary on much of the manuscript. I hop
readers find that my revisions reflect their contributions w
generously engaging various pieces of this project and
feedback on what worked and what needed more work
Carolyn Allen, Tani Barlow, Bruce Burgett, Michael D
Gary Handwerk, Nancy Hartsock, Paget Henry, Jeanne H
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