There are many people to thank for helping bring this project to fru-
ition, and I would like to make my social and intellectual indebtedness a
matter of public record. First and foremost, I am extremely grateful to the
people of San Pablo and Escuela Secundaria Federal. I could not have
asked for more forthright cooperation from teachers, students, and their
parents. Though I cannot acknowledge them by name, I am especially
appreciative of the permission and support shown by the school’s acting
principal and vice principals. A very dear thanks also to those teachers,
too numerous to mention, who generously allowed me into their class-
rooms and even their homes, o√ering their friendship and views of school
life. Not all of them will agree with my analysis here, but I hope they find it
educative in the best sense of the word.
My most profound gratitude must go to the students themselves, the
main protagonists of this study. I wish I could reveal their names, for they
deserve the honor. The students gave freely of their time, endured some-
times di≈cult and confusing interviews, and usually took the hint when I
was fishing for an invitation to their extracurricular activities. Many of
their parents went out of their way to contribute to my research or simply
o√er their hospitality. I remain deeply touched by the humble and selfless
generosity of these families. To them I also give thanks.
For their assistance, solidarity, and friendship in San Pablo, I would like
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