c. 1474 Anacaona born in Yaguana, chiefdom of Xaragua, Ayiti
1500 Spanish authorities declare the island a Crown
colony, Santo Domingo
1502 First Africans brought in slavery to Santo Domingo
1508 Indigenous rebellion in Higüey
1545 Maroon communities reach about seven thousand
1585–86 Siege of Santo Domingo by Sir Francis Drake
1605–6 Spanish authorities forcibly resettle colonists
toward the southeast
1664 France names a governor in the west of the island,
Saint- Domingue
1697 Treaty of Ryswick recognizes Saint- Domingue (west) and
Santo Domingo (east)
1721 Revolt in Santo Domingo’s Cibao valley against trade
prohibitions with Saint- Domingue
1777 Treaty of Aranjuez fixes borders and authorizes trade
1791 Revolutionary fighting begins in Saint- Domingue
1793 Abolition won in Saint- Domingue
1795 Spain cedes Santo Domingo to France, midfighting
1796 Major rebellion at Boca Nigua sugar mill in Dominican
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