isolde: I thank Günechen, God, for having given me life as part of an ab-
original people rich in customs and wisdom, among whom we breath fresh
air and new life every day. I thank my parents for giving me life and for
understanding that a woman can step outside the boundaries of her home,
her community, her county. Thanks also to all the Mapuche who have been
part of the indigenous social movement from September 12, 1978, until today,
for teaching me about our past and our present, and for opening up my
vision toward future generations.
florencia: I thank María Elena Valenzuela, for first putting me in touch
with Isolde. Thanks also to Magaly Ortiz, who transcribed the tapes of our
interviews, and to E. Gabrielle Kuenzli and Yesenia Pumarada Cruz, who
helped with the translation. Valerie Millholland, Miriam Angress, and sev-
eral anonymous readers for Duke University Press also labored hard to make
this book a reality.
isolde and florencia: We are grateful that we found each other, and for
the way our friendship and collaboration took on a life of its own. The book is
no longer a dream! Our collaboration has not been merely a scientific one
but has also encompassed our commitment to, and passion for, social justice
and for a deeper understanding of society. We thank our two families, who
were able to recognize the special importance of our work together, and who
gave us their unconditional support, welcoming us into both households with
open arms. The best proof of this is the special friendship our children, Lily
Reuque and Ramón and Ralph Stern, have developed among themselves. We
both lovingly accept and share this challenge for the future: that our friend-
ship will continue long after our project has been completed.
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