achiñurrada Putting on airs, stuck-
up; looking down on one’s Mapuche
heritage and origins.
anecap National Association of
Domestic Workers (Asociación Nacio-
nal de Empleadas de Casa Particular).
awarkuzen A game played with broad
beans (habas).
boldo A large, oaklike native tree
whose leaves can be used for a variety
of medicinal purposes, especially to
aid digestion when steeped in hot
water and served as tea.
cacique Originally a Carib word for
‘‘leader’’ or ‘‘headman,’’ during the
colonial period it was generalized to
mean any indigenous leader. In the
case of the Mapuche it is often used
as a synonym for logko.
cabestro halter for a horse.
Caleuche A ghostly ship or galleon
that moves eternally through the foggy
waters of Chile’s southern coast, with
a bevy of ghosts partying merrily
aboard, occasionally taking on addi-
tional passengers. This story is espe-
cially common among Huilliche
inhabitants in Chiloé.
capide Center for Training,
Research, and Development (Capacita-
ción, Investigación y Desarrollo) for the
Mapuche People. A nongovernmental
organization begun by a group of
anthropologists at the university in
Temuco, which then expanded dra-
matically during the period of inter-
national funding in the 1980s. The
head of the group was anthropologist
Mireya Zambrano.
cedem Center for Women’s Develop-
ment, or Centro de Desarrollo de la
Mujer. A Santiago-based ngo involved
in grassroots women’s organizing from
a leftist-feminist perspective.
cepi Comisión Especial de Pueblos
Indígenas, or Special Commission of
Indigenous Peoples. The first institu-
tion created by the Concertación gov-
ernment as a response to the demands
of indigenous peoples, it was created
by Presidential Decree on May 17, 1990,
at the beginning of the Aylwin
chamal The sleeveless, black, shiftlike
dress that forms the core of a Mapuche
woman’s traditional dress.
chem Thing.
codeju Comisión de Derechos Juve-
niles, or Commission for the Rights of
conadi Corporación Nacional de Desa-
rrollo Indígena, or Indigenous Develop-
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