Akuy: rest or snack time.
Allqu: dog, the peasants’ faithful companion.
Apus wamanis: Quechua deities.
Armas blancas: as opposed to a firearm. A weapon used in hand- to-hand
combat, such as a sword, knife, or bayonet.
Asháninka: indigenous group in the Peruvian rain forest. This name was also
used to refer to children orphaned by the Shining Path conflict.
Atuq: Andean fox.
Ayllu: Andean community.
Baja: literally, demotion. Refers to the practice of soldiers continuing to work
as paid reservists in the militia after ending their service to the Peruvian
Belachao: or “Bella Ciao,” a song of the Italian antifascist partisans during
World War II.
Cabuya: medicinal herb of the Andes.
Cachicachi: helicopter.
Chakchar: applying soft pressure with one’s teeth to hold coca leaves in one’s
Chacra: cultivated field.
Chaqwa: suffering and chaos.
Charango: a small Andean stringed instrument of the lute family.
Charki: dried meat.
Charlis: sex workers employed by the Peruvian military.
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