with the examPLe bequeathed me bY mY Parents, francisco
and Evarista, no longer alive but forever present within me, I want to
close by acknowledging a number of people and institutions.
To my brothers, Marcial and Mario, for their constant support. To
those who shared hunger, persecution, sadness, joy, and terror when
I was still a child soldier. Especially Rosaura: although it is true she
no longer lives, her image of simplicity, strength, courage and beauty
will always remain in my memory.
I thank the Peruvian army— troops, petty officers and officers— for
their support. To the lieutenant who went by the name Shogun: I owe
him my life and continued education. To all the child soldiers, espe-
cially Vicente Silva, Juanito, and Benito. To the Franciscan Brothers,
missionaries of San Francisco Solano in Peru: with them I learned
the virtues of tolerance and solidarity. To the Universidad Nacional de
San Cristóbal de Huamanga for its contribution to my professional
To my enduring friends: Marina Delaunay, José Luis, Víctor, Jaime
Jiménez, Yolanda, Vicente, Renzo, Isaac, the married couple Maribel
and Jerson, Edilberto Huamán, Mariola, Edgar, Nory, Patricia, Igna-
cio, Rosa Vera, Luis, Ana Luisa, Adriana, Eugenia, Olga, Mariano,
Edilberto Jiménez and Diana. To Isabel García, my life partner and
the mother of my daughter, to whom I can never be grateful enough.
To Abilio Vergara and his wife, for their unconditional care. To
Cecilia, Israel, Elsa Elías, Jorge, Anita Rojas, Blanca Ceballos and
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