Introduction: Where Is Ana Mendieta?
This protest was organized by the Women's Action Coalition
women's group formed in I99I after the Anita Hill hearings in Washington.
At the time of this demonstration, the group numbered about fifteen hun-
dred nationally and consisted largely of white women. A faction within that
group was actually responsible for that part of the protest that included the
banner, the T-shirts, and photocopies. This group included Raquel Mendieta,
Josely Carvalho, Juan Sanchez, Manuel Pardo, Joey Silverman, and Lucy Lip-
pard, among others. According to Raquel Mendieta, the speCific invocation
of Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre by her group was not sanctioned by the
larger organization because it feared alienating art world leaders loyal to or
associated with Andre. For information on
see Catherine S. Manegold,
"No More Nice Girls," New York Times, I2 July I992, pp. 25, 3I. For information
on the protest, see Elizabeth Hess, "Born Again,"
Village Voice,
7 July I992, p. 38.
Hess, "Born Again," p. 38.
3 For a detailed account of the circumstances of Mendieta's death and the
subsequent trial of Carl Andre, see Robert Katz, Naked
The Fatal
Marriage of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta (New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, I990).
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