This project stands on the shoulders of many people. With apologies to
those we have forgotten to mention, we’d like to thank the following people
for helping to create this book.
Estelle Disch, Renae Gray, Rita Hardiman, Curdina Hill, Gerald Jackson,
Jackson Katz, Jim Kilpatrick, Joycelyn Landrum-Brown, Jo Lewis, Afiya Mad-
zimoyo, Wekesa Ojatunji Madzimoyo, Gordon Murray, Pam Newman, Mi-
chael Omi, and Michael Thornton, who encouraged us and inspired us.
Timothy Beneke (Men on Rape), Bob Blauner (Black Lives, White Lives), and
Studs Terkel (Race and Working), who gave us book-length models of first-
person narratives.
Valerie Batts, Christina Davis-McCoy, Patti DeRosa, Angela Giudice, Ted
Glick, Renae Gray, Bob Hall, Lance Hill, Derrick Jackson, Stetson Kennedy,
Tom Louie, Paul Marcus, James Mejia, Al Minor, Gloria Norlin-Wells, Joan
Parker, Jennifer Phillips, Susan Rabinowitz, Mark Scanlon-Greene, Carol
Schachet, Mab Segrest, Joe Steele, Becky Thompson, Jennifer Wexler, and
Loretta Williams, who gave us names of potential interviewees.
Bob Allen and Ian Maher, who used high- and low-tech methods to find
antiracist white men for us to interview.
Glenda Russell, who gave us a model for a cooperative consent form.
Catherine Lugar, who lent us her professional portable cassette recorder so
that we could get high-quality audiotapes.
Don Snider, who encouraged us to share our questions with the interviewee
prior to the interview, thereby making the process more cooperative.
Anne Bowie, Vendela Carlson, Sandra Knight, and Colette Perreault, who
did literal transcriptions of some of the first interviews we did.
Elly Bulkin, who edited some of the first literal transcriptions into narratives
and gave us invaluable feedback on the content of the interviews.
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