Foreword: Challenging Racism, Challenging History
1 Five centuries earlier, the Norse lived on Newfoundland for two years before
conflict with Native Americans caused them to give up their attempt at perma-
nent settlement. Probably that conflict was prompted by inhumane acts by the
Norse, especially since their word for the Natives was skraelings, a derogatory
term in Norse, but we have little information about exactly what transpired
across this earlier frontier.
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1970), 48. Oviedo quoted by Las Casas in Ibid., 274. Of course, when Las Casas
wrote, ‘‘peoples’’ and ‘‘men’’ were used as synonyms. Las Casas was not claiming
that people are all one sex or that women cannot reason!
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12 In 1824, local political enemies would convict Coles of violating an Illinois law
requiring that anyone bringing Blacks into the state post bond of $1000 for each.
The legislature, however, pardoned him.
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