About the Authors
Cooper Thompson
has been leading workshops, consulting, organizing, and writ-
ing about sexism, homophobia, and racism full time for over twenty years. He is the
author of many essays and educational materials, including ‘‘A New Vision of Mas-
culinity’’ (published originally in Changing Men magazine in 1987 and reprinted in
dozens of anthologies and college readers); ‘‘White Men and the Denial of Racism’’
(in Readings for Diversity and Social Justice; Routledge, 2000); and ‘‘On Being Hetero-
sexual in a Homophobic World’’ (in Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price; Beacon
Press, 1992). He also coproduced a unique video on men and sexuality, Finding Our
Way (New Day Films, 1990). He is Senior Consultant with visions, Inc.
Emmett Schaefer
first began teaching courses on social class, race relations, gender,
and African studies at community colleges and universities twenty-five years ago and
is currently Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts,
Boston. As a result of his teaching and activism around issues of oppression, his
support work for liberation struggles in southern Africa, and his personal relation-
ships with Native people, Asians and Asian Americans, and Africans and African
Americans, he has a strong working knowledge of white racism.
Harry Brod
is a child of Holocaust survivors and a child of the ’60s. Both heritages
shape his commitments to justice, much of which he has expressed in twenty years of
profeminist teaching, writing, and activism. He is Professor of Philosophy and Hu-
manities at the University of Northern Iowa, where he also serves as Director of the
University Honors Program. He is the editor of The Making of Masculinities: The New
Men’s Studies (Routledge, 1987) and A Mensch among Men: Explorations in Jewish Mas-
culinity (Crossing Press, 1988); co-editor (with Michael Kaufman) of Theorizing Mas-
culinities (Sage, 1994); and author of Hegel’s Philosophy of Politics: Idealism, Identity and
Modernity (Westview, 1992). He recently served as a member of the Iowa Governor’s
Task Force for Responsible Fatherhood, and is the father of two children.
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