Archival Materials
Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock
Adjutant General's Office Papers, Boxes 1-3,6-12.
Mrican Methodist Episcopal Church, Arkansas Session Minutes, 1885

Correspondence Registers, Powell Clayton's Correspondence, 1868-1871
James P. Eagle, outgoing letterbook, 1889.
Simon P. Hughes, outgoing letterbook, 1888-1889.
Individual File: John Madison
Charles Lanman Collection.
Kie Oldham Collection, Box 2.
Small Manuscripts Collection, Box LXXII, No. 17.
Conway County Courthouse, Morrilton
Circuit Court Record Books, 1868-1893.
Circuit Court, Criminal Record Book, 1889-1899.
County Court Record Books, 1868-1893.
Indictments Record Book, 1887-1890.
Tax Assessment Books, 1887, 1889, 1890.
Duke University, Perkins Library
Jesse Turner Papers.
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
American Colonization Society Records, microfilm reels 132-41.
NationalArchives, Southwest Region, Fort Worth
United States v. Benjamin G. White, Cyrus H. McCullough, Russell Watson,
William Durham, and William Palmer.
Eastern District of Arkansas. Fed-
eral Court Case File CCR1022.
United States v. Charles
Reed, James Lucas, and John O. Blakeney.
District of Arkansas. Federal Court Case File CCR989.
United States v. Thomas
Hervey, William
Hobbs, and William Palmer.
Eastern District of Arkansas. Federal Court Case File CCR986.
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