Willa Cather and Others wouldneverhavebeenwrittenhad
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick not invited me to contribute an
essaytoanissueof Studies in the Novel, ‘‘QueererthanFiction,’’that
she was editing. Portions of the final chapter of this book on The
Professor’s House and Blair Niles appeared as ‘‘Strange Brothers’’ in
Studies in the Novel 28,no.3(fall1996):322–38,whichwasreprinted
in a slightly revised version in Novel Gazing: Queer Readings in Fic-
tion (Durham:DukeUniversityPress,1997),thevolumethatdevel-
oped from that collection. So, once again, thanks Eve, for making
this book possible, and not just by issuing that invitation. Other
materials from the final chapter of this book were welcomed into
American Literature 70, no.1 (March 1998): 63–95, as ‘‘Photographic
Relations: Laura Gilpin,Willa Cather,’’ thanks to Cathy N. David-
son, whose response to the essay was everything an author could
desire. Lauren Berlant’s incisive and supportive comments on an
earlierdraft of those materials alsowere deeplyappreciated, as are
Tyler Curtain’s for its published incarnation. I would never have
known towrite about Pat Barker had her novels not been recom-
and Irene Silverblatt. To Laurie, additional thanks for comments
on ‘‘War Requiems,’’ as well as to Marcie Frank, Chris Nealon, and
—especially Toby Ditz, Frances Ferguson, Allen Grossman, Neil
Tobias, Judith Walkowitz—also are to be thanked for their com-
ments on ‘‘Cather Diva,’’ which I presented at a General Seminar
of the Program for Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. For
their warm endorsement of this project, I thank the two readers
Edelman, and KenWissoker for finding such sympathetic readers.
Thanks to everyone at Duke University Press who saw this book
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