Brother Parham and where is he? We have some of the finest singers in the
world baptized with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit sings through them
and some interpret right along while singing is going on. God is working
wonderfully in this City. I want to get you all to pray a special prayer for us
on Tuesday night at 8 o’clock.
Yours in Christ.
W. J. Seymour
North 214 Bonebra Street
Los Angeles, Cal.
(August 27, 1906)
312 Azusa Street, Los Angeles, Cal.,
August 27, 1906
Dear Bro. Parham:—
Sister Hall has arrived, and is planning out a great revival in this city, that
shall take place when you come. The revival is still going on here that has
been going on since we came to this city. But we are expecting a general one
to start again when you come, that these little revivals will all come together
and make one great union revival.
Now please let us know about the date that you will be here, so we can
advertise your coming and the date. I shall look for a large place, by God’s
help, that will accommodate the people. Hallelujah to God! Victory through
the all cleansing blood of Jesus! I expect an earthquake to happen in Los
Angeles when you come with other workers filled with the Holy Ghost; that
God will shake this city once more.
Satan is working but God is mightier than satan for he is a conquered
foe and a defeated creature. Glory be to God in the highest! God has been
breathing on the dry bones with the Holy Ghost and the Word, until dry
bones are coming together and flesh is coming upon them, life is put into
them, until God has got a mighty host in this city standing for the faith that
was once delivered unto the saints. Please answer soon, Yours in Christ and
in the faith that was once delivered unto the saints.
W.J. Seymour
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