(AF, September 1906, 1)
Bro. W. J. Seymour has the following to say in regard to his call to this
“It was the divine call that brought me from Houston, Texas, to
Los Angeles. The Lord put it in the heart of one of the saints in Los
Angeles to write to me that she felt the Lord would have me come
over here and do a work, and I came, for I felt [it] was the leading
of the Lord. The Lord sent the means, and I came to take charge of
a mission on Santa Fe Street, and one night they locked the door
against me, and afterwards got Bro. Roberts, the president of the
Holiness Association, to come down and settle the doctrine of the
Baptism with the Holy Ghost, that it was simply sanctification. He
came down and a good many holiness preachers with him, and they
stated that sanctification was the baptism with the Holy Ghost. But
yet they did not have the evidence of the second chapter of Acts, for
when the disciples were all filled with the Holy Ghost, they spoke
in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. After the president heard me
speak of what the true baptism of the Holy Ghost was, he said he
wanted it too, and told me when I had received it to let him know.
So I received it and let him know. The beginning of the Pentecost
started in a cottage prayer meeting at 214 Bonnie Brae.”
(AF, September 1906, 2)
Stands for the restoration of the faith once delivered unto the saints—the old
time religion, camp meetings, revivals, missions, street and prison work and
Christian Unity everywhere.
Teaching on Repentance— Mark 1:14, 15.
Godly Sorrow for Sin, Example— Matt. 9:13. 2 Cor. 7, 9, 11. Acts 3:19.
Acts 17:30, 31.
Of Confession of Sins— Luke 15:21 and Luke 18:13.
Forsaking Sinful Ways— Isa. 55:7. Jonah 3:8. Prov. 28;13.
Restitution— Ezek. 33;15. Luke 19:8.
And faith in Jesus Christ.
First Work.— Justification is that act of God’s free grace by which we
receive remission of sins. Acts 10:42, 43. Rom. 3:25.
Second Work.— Sanctification is the second work of grace and the
last work of grace. Sanctification is that act of God’s free grace by
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