Thank God, we have a living Christ among us to heal our diseases. He will
heal every case. The prophet had said, “With his stripes we are healed,” and
it was fulfilled when Jesus came. Also “He hath borne our griefs,” (which
means sickness, as translators tell us.) Now if Jesus bore our sicknesses, why
should we bear them? So we get full salvation through the atonement of
Fourth. And we get the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire upon the
sanctified life. We get Christ enthroned and crowned in our hearts. Let us lift
up Christ to the world in all His fullness, not only in healing and salvation
from all sin, but in His power to speak all the languages of the world. We
need the triune God to enable us to do this.
We that are the messengers of this precious atonement ought to preach all
of it, justification, sanctification, healing, the baptism with the Holy Ghost,
and signs following. “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?”
God is now confirming His word by granting signs and wonders to follow
the preaching of the full gospel in Los Angeles.
W.J. Seymour
(AF, October 1906, 4)
A sinner comes to the Lord all wrapped up in sin and darkness. He cannot
make any consecration because he is dead. The life has to be put into us
before we can present any life to the Lord. He must get justified by faith.
There is a Lamb without spot and blemish slain before God for him, and
when he repents toward God for his sins, the Lord has mercy on him for
Christ’s sake, and puts eternal life in his soul, pardoning him of his sins,
washing away his guilty pollution [sic], and he stands before God justified as
if he had never sinned.
Then there remains that old original sin in him for which he is not re-
sponsible till he has the light. He hears that “Jesus, that He might sanctify
the people with His own blood, suVered without the gate,” and he comes to
be sanctified. There is Jesus, the Lamb without blemish, on the altar. Jesus
takes that soul that has eternal life in it and presents it to God for thorough
purging and cleansing from all original and Adamic sin. And Jesus, the Son
of God, cleanses him from all sin, and he is made every whit whole, sanctified
and holy.
Now he is on the altar ready for the fire of God to fall, which is the
baptism with the Holy Ghost. It is a free gift upon the sanctified, cleansed
heart. The fire remains there continually burning in the holiness of God.
Why? Because he is sanctified and holy and on the altar continually. He stays
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