borrow and cannot pay back. That person ought to go to work. The Bible
says, “Let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that
he may have to give to him that needeth.”
He sent those that were called out to preach the Gospel, to “take no
thuogh [sic] what ye shall eat or drink.” Get down and pray. Make your
wants known unto God and He will send it in.
God does not expect all to sell out for He says in 1 Cor. 16:1, “Now con-
cerning the collection for the saints, * * * upon the first day of the week, let
everyone of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him.” It does
not mean for you to have great real estate and money banked up while your
brothers and sisters are suVering. He means for you to turn loose because all
that money is soon going to be thrown to the moles and bats. So it is better
to spread the Gospel and get stars in your crown than to be holding it. But for
us to go and tell you to do it, pick out somebody that has money and read the
Word to them, would not be the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit will tell you
what to do. He makes you do it. When he wakes you up at night and tells you
what to do, you cannot sleep till you obey. He says everyone shall be taught
of God from the least to the greatest. God wants a free giver.
Annanias wanted to have a reputation that he sold out like the rest, so he
plotted that he should give a portion and say he had sold out for the Lord.
But the Holy Ghost told Peter that Annanias had told a lie. Peter told him
the property was his. The Lord allows you to be the steward over it. The
property was his and the sin was in lying to the Holy Ghost. It is right for
you to have property, but if the Lord says, take $200 or $500 or $1,000 and
distribute here or there, you do it.
We must know our calling. We can work when baptized with the Holy
Ghost. Some think they have got to preach. Well, we do preach in testifying.
Some think they must go out because they have the tongues but those are
good for Los Angeles of anywhere else. The Lord will lead you by His small
W.J. Seymour.
(AF, December 1906, 2)
God has told us in His precious word that we should know a tree by its fruit.
Wherever we find the real, we find the counterfeit also. But praise God for
the real. We find in the time of Peter, when men and women were receiving
the power of the Holy Ghost, the counterfeit appeared in Annanias and
Saphira. But God’s power was mightier than all the forces of hell, so their
sin found them out. Be careful, dear loved ones, for your sin will surely find
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