last days I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh.’ Glory to His holy name. I
want to say ‘Goodnight’ to you.”
“God be with you till we meet again” was then sung as Brother Seymour
shook hands with as many as possible and left for the train. Brother Ander-
son spoke a few words of encouragement to the saints on the necessity of
continuing faithful in the pastor’s absence.”
(AF, June–September 1907, 1)
God is doing a mighty work in Zion City among those heart-broken and
crushed people. First they started meetings in the Edina Hospice, now a
faith home called “The Haven” then they had the large auditorium in the
college and now have the large tabernacle.
One morning in the upper room of “The Haven,” the Holy Ghost fell, as
they were praying for Him to come and manifest Himself. First one began
to drop and then another until the floor was covered. The first to speak in
unknown tongues was a young man who spoke in Chinese, Italian, and
Zulu, which were identified. Then it was not long till the flood of joy began
and all over the room they were praising and glorifying God in diVerent
tongues. Some were justified and sanctified. About twenty came through
speaking in tongues.
God is using the children, young men and young women, in a marvelous
manner. It is the most wonderful demonstration of the power of God upon
human hearts. Denounce it as they will, when they see these little children
under the power of the Holy Spirit, preaching, singing and speaking in di-
Verent languages (which are many times identified by foreigners) they will
in our meetings confess that their fighting has come to an end, and say that
they have never seen anything after this manner.
Brother Seymour when he was in Zion City wrote. “People here receive
the baptism in their pews while the service is going on and sometimes scores
of them receive it. It is the sweetest thing you want to see. It reminds me of
old Azusa tens [sic] months ago. The people that receive the baptism seem
so happy, they remind me of our people at home. There are little children
from six years and on up who have the baptism with the Holy Ghost, just as
we have it in Los Angeles. Praise our God. This is another Azusa. It would
do you good to hear these people speak under the power of the Holy Ghost.
Some of them converse in tongues. Brother Tom has never lost the spirit of
the Azusa. He is still fired up the same as ever. Everywhere I have traveled
among our baptized souls, they seem to have such joy and freedom in the
Holy Ghost.”— Address “The Haven,” Zion City, Ills.
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