word of God, to remain in fellowship with them; and Jesus saw that a little
leaven would leaven the whole, and His finger was right upon that impure
doctrine. It had to be removed out of the church or He would remove the
light and break the church up. When we find things wrong, contrary to
Scripture, I care not how dear it is, it must be removed. We cannot bring
Agag among the children of Israel, for God says he must die. Saul saved
Agag, which represented saving himself, the carnal nature or old man; but
Samuel said Agag must die, and he drew his sword and slew him. Christ’s
precious word, which is the sword of Samuel, puts all carnality and sin to
death. It means perfect abedience [sic] to walk with the Lord. There are
many people in these last days that are not going to live a Bible salvation,
they are going to take chances. But may God help everyone, if their right
hand or right eye oVend them to cast it from them. It is better to enter into
life maimed, than for soul and body to be cast into hell fire.
The Lord says, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith
unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of
life which is in the midst of the paradise of God.” O beloved, if we expect to
reign with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we must overcome the world,
the flesh, and the devil. There will be many that will be saved but will not be
full overcomers to reign on this earth with our Lord. He will give us power
to overcome if we are willing. Bless His holy name.
W.J. Seymour.
(AF, January 1908, 1)
portsmouth and richmond, va.
Brother Seymour wrote from these places while he was visiting the mis-
sions in the East: “God is working in Portsmouth. Souls were baptized in
Richmond and God is working in mighty power. The saints are just as sweet
as can be. Glory to God for this Gospel. The saints are so simple here, that
is the reasons they receive the Pentecost so quickly. They are ready for the
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