(September 1906, 1)
This work began about five years ago last January, when a company of peo-
ple under the leadership of Chas. Parham, who were studying God’s word
tarried for Pentecost, in Topeka, Kan. After searching through the country
everywhere, they had been unable to find any Christians that had the true
Pentecostal power. . . . They had a prayer tower in which prayers were as-
cending night and day to God. After three months, a sister who had . . . all
the carnality taken out of her heart, felt the Lord lead her to have hands laid
on her to receive the Pentecost. So when they prayed, the Holy Ghost came
in great power and she commenced speaking in an unknown tongue. This
made all the Bible school hungry, and three nights afterward, twelve stu-
dents received the Holy Ghost, and prophesied, and cloven tongues could
be seen upon their heads. . . .
Now after five years something like 13,000 people have received this gos-
pel. It is spreading everywhere, until churches who do not believe backslide
and lose the experience they have. Those who are old in this movement are
stronger, and greater signs and wonders are following them.
The meetings in Los Angeles started in a cottage meeting [on Bonnie Brae
Street], and. . . . then transferred to Azusa Street, and since then multitudes
have been coming. The meetings begin about ten o’clock in the morning and
can hardly stop before ten or twelve at night, and sometimes two or three
in the morning, because so many are seeking, and some are slain under the
power of God. People are seeking three times a day at the altar and row after
row of seats have to be emptied and filled with seekers. . . . Many are speaking
in new tongues, and some are on their way to the foreign fields, with the gift
of the language. . . .
(September 1906, 3)
It has been said of the work in Los Angeles that it was “born in a manger and
resurrected in a barn.” Many are praising God for the old barn-like building
on Azusa street [sic], and the plain old plank beside which they kneeled in
the sawdust when God saved, sanctified and baptized them with the Holy
Ghost. Those who know God feel His presence as soon as they cross the
threshold. . . .
The work began among the colored people. God baptized several sancti-
fied wash women with the Holy Ghost, who have been much used of Him.
. . . Since then multitudes have come. God makes no diVerence in national-
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