ity, Ethiopians, Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, and other nationalities worship
(September 1906, 3)
The hundred and twenty on the day of Pentecost were baptized with the
Holy Ghost according to promise. . . . That . . . Apostolic church had won-
derful power. . . . We have the promise of the same power today . . . [at
Azusa]. . . .
At the beginning of the Eighteenth century, among the French Protes-
tants, there were wonderful manifestations of the Spirit power accompanied
by the Gift of Tongues. The early Quakers received the same powerful re-
ligious stimulus and had the Gift of Tongues. The Irvingite church, about
1830, had the baptism with the Holy Ghost, and spoke in other tongues. In
the Swedish revival in 1841–43 there were the same manifestations of the
Spirit and also the Gift of Tongues. In the Irish revival of 1859 there is the re-
cord of the power of the Spirit in winning souls and the speaking in tongues
by Spirit filled men and women. . . . Bishop Taylor left the record that he took
a young lady to labor among a certain tribe in Africa, and . . . two months
later and found her preaching fluently in the native language, without having
learned it.
the promised latter rain now being
poured out on god’s humble people.
(October 1906, p. 1)
All along the ages men have been preaching a partial Gospel. A part of the
Gospel remained when the world went into the dark ages. God has from
time to time raised up men to bring back the truth to the church. He raised
up [Martin] Luther to bring back . . . justification by faith. He raised up . . .
John Wesley to establish Bible holiness in the church. Then he raised up Dr.
[Charles] Cullis who brought back . . . divine healing. Now He is bringing
back the Pentecostal Baptism to the church.
God laid His hand on a little crippled boy [Charles Parham] seven years
of age and healed him of disease and made him whole except his ankles. He
walked on the sides of his ankles. Then, when he was fourteen years of age,
he had been sent to college and God had called him to preach. One day as he
was sitting reading his Bible, a man came for him to go and hold a meeting.
He began to say to the Lord: “Father, if I go to that place, it will be necessary
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