gracious pentecostal showers continue to fall
(November 1906, 1)
The news has spread far and wide that Los Angeles is being visited with a
“rushing mighty wind from heaven.” The how and why . . . is . . . the very
opposite of those conditions that are usually thought necessary for a big
revival. No instruments of music are used. . . . No choir . . . No collections
are taken. No bills have been posted to advertise the meetings. No church or
organization is back of it. . . .
But here you find a mighty Pentecostal revival going on from ten o’clock
in the morning till about twelve at night. . . .
I bless God that it did not start in any church in this city, but out in the
barn, so that we might all come and take part in it. If it had started in a fine
church, poor colored people and Spanish people would not have got it, but
praise God it started here. . . .
It is noticeable how free all nationalities feel. If a Mexican or German
cannot speak English, he gets up and speaks in his own tongue and feels quite
at home for the Spirit interprets through the face and people say amen. No
instrument that God can use is rejected on account of color or dress or lack
of education. This is why God has so built up the work. . . .
seven months of pentecostal showers, jesus,
our projector and great shepherd.
(December 1906, 1)
Many are asking how the work in Azusa Mission started and who was the
founder. The Lord was the founder and He is the Projector of this move-
ment. A band of humble people in Los Angeles had been praying for a year
or more for more power with God for the salvation of lost and suVering
humanity. . . .
Then [the saints in Los Angeles] felt led of the Lord to call Bro. Seymour
from Houston . . . and [sent] his [train] fare. . . . He told them he did not
have the Pentecost but was seeking it and wanted all the saints to pray with
him till all received their Pentecost. Some believed they had it, and others
believed they did not have it because the signs were not following. Hardly
anyone was getting saved.
There was a great deal of opposition, but they continued to fast and pray
for the baptism with the Holy Spirit, till on April 9th the fire of God fell in a
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