cottage on Bonnie Brae. Pentecost was poured out upon workers and saints.
Three days after that, Bro. Seymour received his Pentecost. . . .
Hundreds of souls have received salvation and healing. . . . This revival has
spread through . . . the United States . . . and across the ocean. . . .
Some are asking if Dr. Chas. F. Parham is the leader of this movement.
We can answer, no he is not the leader of this movement of Azusa Mission.
We thought of having him to be our leader and so stated in our paper, before
waiting upon the Lord.
We can be rather hasty, especially when we are very young in the power
of the Holy Spirit. We are just like a baby—full of love and were willing to
accept anyone that had the baptism with the Holy Spirit as our leader. But
the Lord commenced settling us down, and we saw that the Lord should be
our leader. So we honor Jesus as the great Shepherd of the sheep. He is our
model. . . . There is no pope, Dualism, or Sanfordism. . . .
Bro. Seymour is simply a humble pastor of the flock over which the Holy
Ghost has made him overseer, according to Acts 20.28. . . . ,
We believe in old time repentance, old time conversion, old time sanc-
tification, healing of our bodies and the baptism with the Holy Ghost. . . .
We do not believe in any eighth day creation, as some [i.e., Charles Par-
ham] have taught, and we do not believe in the annihilation of the wicked.
We stand on Bible truth without compromise. We recognize every man
that honors the blood of Jesus Christ to be our brother, regardless of denom-
ination, creed, or doctrine. But we are not willing to accept any errors. . . . If
they do not tally with the Word of God, we reject them. . . .
God is sending the latter rain, and the refreshing times have come. . . .
(January 1907, 1)
Pentecost first fell in Los Angeles on April 9th. Since then the good tidings
has spread in two hemispheres. . . . Wherever the work goes, souls are saved.
. . . Hundreds have been baptized with the Holy Ghost . . .
It is a continual upper room tarrying at Azusa Street. It is like a continual
camp meeting or convention. All classes and nationalities meet on a common
level. . . .
The Lord is graciously healing many sick bodies . . . almost every day. . . .
Handkerchiefs are sent in to be blest, and are returned to the sick and they
are healed in many cases. One day nine handkerchiefs were blest, another
day sixteen. . . . The mission people never take medicine . . . They have taken
Jesus for their healer and He always heals.
There is a very sweet spirit of unity among Pentecostal missions in Los
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