Angeles and workers in suburban towns. Every Monday morning, the mis-
iners [ministers] and workers from these diVerent points meet together for
prayer and counsel. . . . All are in one accord. . . . [and] in perfect harmony. . . .
(October–January 1908, 1)
Since the last paper, Spirit-filled missionaries have gone out from Los An-
gles [sic] to Monrovia, Liberia, Africa, two sisters to South China and a band
of nine missionaries to North China. Also a band of fourteen missionaries
went from Spokane, Wash., to Japan and China. They were able to talk to
the Chinese and Japanese at the dock and on the ship in their native lan-
guages. The “Apostolic Light” is now published by Brother [M.L.] Ryan in
Tokyo, Japan.
Our dear Brother A.H. Post . . . is on his way to South Africa . . . [and] . . .
a Spirit-filled band of [12] missionaries . . . left Los Angeles for North China.
. . . Brother [Bernt] Bernstein [sic], Brother and Sister Hess and six workers
from the Swedish Mission, made up the company from here. . . . Address
B. Bernsten, Taiming fu, Chih-li, North China.
(January 1908, 2)
It is the privilege of all the members of the bride of Christ to prophesy,
which means testify or preach. . . .
Before Pentecost, the woman could only go into the “court of the women”
and not into the inner court. The anointing oil was never poured on a wom-
ans head but only on the heads of kings, prophets and priests. But when our
Lord poured out Pentecost, He brought all those faithful women with the
other disciples into the upper room, and God baptized them all in the same
room and made no diVerence. All the women received the anointed oil of the
Holy Ghost and were able to preach the same as the men.
The woman is the weaker vessel and represents the tenderness of Christ,
while the man represents the firmness of Christ. They both were co-workers
. . . in the Gospel. (I. Cor. 11:8,9.) No woman that has the Spirit of Jesus
wants to usurp authority over the man. The more God uses you in the Spirit,
the more . . . meek and tender you are and . . . filled with the . . . Holy Spirit.
It is contrary to the Scriptures that woman should not have her part in
the salvation work to which God has called her. We have no right to lay a
straw in her way, but to . . . encourage the woman in her work, and God will
honor and bless us as never before. It is the same Holy Spirit in the woman
as in the man.
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