your God and never disappoint Him.” He walked in closest communion
and fellowship, looking unto Jesus, his never failing source of comfort and
strength. Never was there one more conscientious in standing between God
and man “as one that must give account” for revealing Christ to their souls
and establishing them in the way. He was an exceptional teacher because of
the illumination of his mind through the word.
Brother Seymour was our father. . . . The world was his parish. He lived
the life, a man of God, strong in he Lord, holy, pure and bodly [sic —boldly]
standing against everything defiling in life or worship. And because of it his
life was one of power with God in rebuking evil spirits and setting men free.
He was the Paul of this age. When asked so often the secret of his power he
would say, “Living free from sin and in the Word of God.”
His memory shall be revered among all who have the Spirit’s work in their
own lives since the outpouring in 1906 when Brother Seymour was so chosen
of God to present to the people the light concerning the great oYce work of
the Comforter for this age, and was so wondrously used in the administra-
tion of the Word in power from on high. He has stood in old Azusa as her
pastor these years in true adherence to the full Gospel. His last message was
a plea for love among the brethren everywhere.
His great plans for the work will be carried on by his beloved wife, Sister
Jennie M. Seymour, who is herself an evangelist of power and note greatly
loved by all, and into whose hands, Bishop Seymour placed his work before
his decease [sic]. Azusa’s original high standard of holiness and power shall
never be eVaced, but shall ever be a call to stablish [sic —establish] your hearts
for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
The grace of the Lord be with you all, as you grow in grace and the knowl-
edge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Azusa Street Apostolic
Faith Mission
312 Azusa Street.
Seymour had a significant impact on Euro-Americans. They played a key
role in spreading Seymour’s vision and version of Pentecostalism and in his
emphasis on racial equality. Many of the leaders in this section contributed
to the origins of Pentecostal denominations in the Pacific Northwest, the
Midwest, and South and those like Durham created vitally important centers
around the world. Seymour had a significant impact on Euro-Americans.
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