miss clara lum writes wonders.
(The Missionary World, August 1906, 2)
June 18th
Dear Bro. and Sister Hanley . . .
The Lord is . . . pouring out Pentecost in old time power. . . . I have never
seen the power of God manifest in so many people, nor have I ever seen such
manifestations of his power . . . I first went to the meeting three weeks ago
[late May], and knew that God was there.
He . . . gave me the baptism of the Holy Ghost. . . . It came in power
thrilling me and remaining upon me in a power like electricity. He also gave
me the gift of healing and casting out devils. He has used me to heal a few
sick since then. He shows me he is going to use me to write in a diVerent way
than before. He also will not take this power from me. . . .
The Lord is saving souls, sanctifying believers and baptizing them with
the Holy Ghost. . . . They have spoken in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Af-
rican dialects, Indian dialects, Esquimaux language is spoken by one; deaf
mute language is spoken by one; Hebrew, Greek, Latin, a language of India,
French, by others. . . .
The Lord is giving the gift of prophecy . . . that a revival of the pure Gos-
pel is to sweep over the land . . . I feel the power of God as I am writing. . . .
He wants me to preach the Gospel. He also wants me to write for Him. . . .
The leader is a humble colored man [William Seymour]. He has true wis-
dom and gentleness in conducting the meetings. All realize that he is called
of God and anointed for this work. . . .
Yours in Him, Clara E. Lum
African Americans made up the core of Seymour’s Mission. They served
as pastors, worship leaders, and on the Board of Trustees. Despite not be-
ing well documented, the following accounts capture the impact that Sey-
mour and the Revival had on future leaders like Charles H. Mason and G. T.
Haywood, who helped organize the Church of God in Christ (cogic) and
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (paw). While most of the testimonies
discuss their Spirit baptism or evangelistic calling, Emma Cotton oVers a
more female-centered interpretation of the Azusa Revival that points to
their important contributions.
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