Glenn Cook stated that twenty nationalities attended the Azusa Revival,
including Mexicans, Portuguese, Swedes, Danes, Germans, Russians, Ar-
menians, English, Irish, Indians, and Jews. They likened the national and
racial-ethnic diversity to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
(Acts 2) where almost every nation on earth was reportedly represented.
Many of these immigrants spread Seymour’s message among their co-
ethnics and then to their native countries, which was the case with both
Andrew Johnson and Owen “Irish” Lee—who spread Pentecostalism to
Sweden and Ireland. Immigrants were particularly attracted to Seymour’s
message because he promoted equality irrespective of class, education, lan-
guage, and nationality.
Louis and Emma Osterberg immigrated from Sweden to Chicago before
moving on to Benton Harbor, Michigan, where they raised their children,
attended a Baptist church, and served as lay evangelists. Emma met Sey-
mour at the Bonnie Brae meetings. She brought her skeptical son Arthur
and husband to Azusa. Arthur was so moved that he merged his mission
into Azusa’s. Louis became an Azusa Trustee and Emma conducted evange-
listic-social work with Susie Villa Valdez—mother of A. C. Valdez.
[swedish immigrant] filled with god’s glory.
(AF, April 1907, 4)
Up to the time of my first visit to the Azusa Street Mission . . . I was at the
time hungering for the deeper things of God . . . I knew that my experience
fell short of the Pentecostal life. . . . I concluded that on the following Lord’s
day, June 10, [1906] I would attend and see for myself.
From the first time I entered I was struck by the blessed spirit that pre-
vailed in the meeting, such a feeling of unity and humility among the chil-
dren of God . . . I was fully satisfied and convinced that it was the mighty
power of God that was working. . . .
Tuesday, March 5 . . . Bro. [Hiram] Smith remarked that probably the
Lord would send me my Pentecost . . .
Little by little I felt the power fall. I was soon speaking in other tongues,
and the blessed experience gained then I cannot tell in words, for they would
fail to express the divine meaning which it has to my soul. I spoke in tongues
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