Although twenty nationalities attended Azusa, most scholars have focused
on the revival’s black-white origins. Mexican Americans and Mexican immi-
grants also attended the first week it opened until at least 1909. At least three
were ordained by Seymour. They were involved with the first supernatural
manifestation of the Spirit, conversion, and healing of the revival. Arthur
Osterberg stated that “hundreds” of Catholics came into Azusa, “many” of
whom were Spanish (Mexican American) or Mexican (Mexican immigrant).
He noted they were the quickest to get their Spirit baptism and that Span-
ish, Mexican, and other Catholics “became quite prominent” in the Revival.
This is probably why Seymour published Abundio and Rosa López’s bilin-
gual testimony in English and Spanish in the Apostolic Faith. Mexican Indi-
ans also attended and prayed for white men and women to receive healing.
Azusa evangelist A. C. Valdez spent six years preaching in northern Califor-
nia at various places like the Hoopa Valley Indian reservation and Thomas
Hezmalhalch preached among the Indians at Needles, California. They and
their converts helped spread Pentecost throughout Native America.
mexican conversion and healing
at the azusa street revival
(Oral History, 17 March 1966)
They announced that they had found a place on . . . Azusa St. . . . [The
downstairs] was now occupied by a lot of building material. . . . My mother
asked if I couldn’t help them [clear the debris]. I said, “Yes. . . .”
When I got the three men to Azusa St. there were some colored ladies
[from Bonnie Brae] already working around there. And the first thing they
wanted to do . . . was to have a prayer meeting. One of the colored women got
to talking to one of my [Mexican] workmen and found out he was a Catholic,
but his mother was a Protestant.
And she said to the [Mexican who spoke to her in a mocking tone], “You
ought to be ashamed of yourself! You ought to kneel down there right now
and ask God to forgive you for ever doing a think [sic] that like, and then go
home and tell your mother what happened to you.”
And that colored woman stuck to him during that whole night while I
and the other two men were working. She had this one [Mexican] man oV
in one corner. He was trying to get out of it, and got to acting and talking
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