half round the world. Many of all ages and races . . . has received a definite
baptism of the Spirit. . . .
Yours in Jesus, A.H. Post Pasadena, Cal.
By spring 1906, Seymour had sent missionaries to Africa, Europe, Scandina-
via, and the Middle East. England, Norway, and Sweden became launching
points for Pentecostal evangelism across Europe to Germany, Italy, France,
and Russia. Many who were Spirit baptized were veteran Christian leaders.
They used their denominational ties and newspaper to spread Seymour’s
message and revival. The testimony by Johnson, Boddy, and Leatherman
reveals the deep and personal influence Seymour had on their lives and min-
istries and other future national leaders like Barratt.
Johnson was a Swedish immigrant who attended Azusa in the spring of
1906. Seymour raised funds to send him to the Middle East, but he changed
plans and went to his native Sweden. There he laid the foundation for its
most famous leader, Lewi Petrus (1884–1974), who received the Spirit bap-
tism through the ministry of T. B. Barratt of Norway. Johnson’s letters re-
veal a deep love and appreciation for Seymour and his desire to replicate
Azusa’s paradigmatic experience throughout Sweden. This love was recip-
rocated; Seymour published seven of Johnson’s letters in his Apostolic Faith
newspaper—more than any other missionary, black or white.
letter from bro. johnson.
(AF, October 1906, 3)
. . . Aug., 31st.
Peace be unto you. I am, God willing, going to leave New York [for Sweden]
in a few days. . . .
Tell Bro. Seymour that I am one with him and all the other saints in Los
Angeles. I love my dear Bro. Seymour so much. He has been a good help to
me. May God bless him in his work. My love to all the saints. . . .
Andrew Johnson. Address Care
of Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home,
Gibraltar, Spain,
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