Christian accepted the Pentecostal baptism in Jerusalem. She also reported
“the ‘latter rain’ is falling” in Israel and that a Christian and Missionary Alli-
ance missionary named Miss Elizabeth Brown (d. 1940) accepted the Spirit
baptism and joined the work.
“pentecostal experiences”
(AF, November 1906, 4)
While seeking for the Baptism with the Holy Ghost [at the Azusa Mis-
sion] in Los Angeles, after Sister Ferrell [Lucy Farrow] laid hands on me, I
praised and praised God and saw my Savior in the heavens . . . I found that
rest that passeth all understanding, and He said to me, you are in the bosom
of the Father . . . I said, Father, I want the gift of the Holy Ghost, and the
heavens opened and I was overshadowed, and such power came upon me
and went through me. He said, Praise Me, and when I did, angels came and
ministered unto me. I was passive in His hands, and by the eye of faith I saw
angel hands working on my vocal cords, and I realized they were loosing
me. I began to praise Him in an unknown language. . . .
The Pentecostal message found a receptive audience on the Indian subcon-
tinent, which was then a colony of the British Empire. Many veteran mis-
sionaries from the United States, Great Britain, and Europe were looking
for personal spiritual renewal and a Christian theology that transcended
some of the racial and nationalistic provincialism prevalent in their day.
Seymour’s message filled the gap in caste-conscious India. Alfred and Lil-
lian Garr and others helped spread Pentecostalism, especially in Protestant
mission schools. By July 1908, fifteen missionary societies and twenty-eight
mission stations experienced Pentecost. Some like the Mukti Mission were
run and led by foreign missionaries and native workers like Minnie Abrams
and Pandita Ramabai who had already witnessed pre- Azusa manifestations
of the Spirit in their students. This helped set the stage and receptivity for
Seymour’s message, which eyewitnesses state brought them into a fuller and
deeper understanding of the global Pentecostal outpouring.
Crawford and Lum’s report reveals the proto- Pentecostal manifestations
of the Spirit at several mission schools led by Minnie Abrams and Pandita
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