Undismayed by the fearful attitude of the colored worshipper, another
black women [sic] jumped to the floor and began a wild gesticulation, which
ended in a gurgle of wordless prayers which were nothing less than shocking.
“She’s speaking in unknown tongues;” announced the leader, in ah [sic]
awed whisper, “keep on sister.” The sister continued until it was necessary to
assist her to a seat because of her bodily fatigue.
gold among then
Among the “believers” is a man who claims to be a Jewish [sic] rabbi [Gold].
. . . Gold claims to have been miraculously healed and is a convert of the
new sect.
“delivered from the ‘tongue’ heresy”
(Rocky Mountain Pillar of Fire, 27 March 1907)
Recently, there began in Los Angeles, California, a soul destroying work
called the “Apostolic Faith Movement,” better known as the “Tongues,”
whose awful heresy has already spread throughout the country and deceived
Because of disobedience to God, the writer was turned over for a short
time to this awful delusion from which the Lord in His infinite mercy de-
livered him. . . .
I . . . went on to Los Angeles, where the devil soon led me to the well-
known snake’s nest on Azusa Street. I had heard that A.G. Garr, in whose
meetings I had been converted, had received this “baptism of tongues,”
which strengthened my confidence in this Babylonian mess. In the very first
meeting I attended, I felt a strange power take hold of me, and being in a
state where I had no spiritual discernment, I thought this to be the power
of God. I was perfectly honest and went into the thing with great sincerity.
Before realizing it, I found myself at the altar trembling under this demon
power. . . . The next evening . . . Glenn Cook . . . laid hands on me, claiming
the Holy Ghost had told him to do this, and said, “Receive yet the Holy
Ghost.” Instantly this (know now) hypnotic, demon power took possession
of me and I shook until it seemed impossible for me to hold together. . . . All
at once I began jabbering oV in a so-called foreign language, which was the
“Bible evidence,” as they claim, that I had receive the baptism of the Holy
Ghost. I somehow felt happy and strange at the same time . . .
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