Nevertheless, a few days later, he sent me word that he wanted me to go to
Orange, California and hold meetings . . . but I was out of the whole thing,
and of course refused this oVer . . .
The “Tongue” delusion is throughout, the work of the devil. . . . May
God in His great mercy . . . use the writer’s experience to prevent others from
being devoured of Satan in his delusion.
negro bluk kissed: founder is warmly greeted,
brother seymoure, erstwhile indianapolis hotel
waiter, made welcome by white followers.
(Indianapolis Star, June 3, 1907, 3)
The much looked for leader of the Bluks . . . [and] negro founder [is] Brother
W.J. Seymore. . . . [A]s he mounted the platform [of the mission] in front,
Brother Glenn Cook, pro tem leader, threw both arms about his neck and
kissed him.
“Why its Brother Seymour,” shouted a hundred Bluks, and “glories” min-
gled with “hallelujahs” as the other ten members of the leader’s party flocked
to the front.
“Let’s sing de comfortah hab come,” said Brother Seymore, in a voice that
shook the church . . .
“Oh, that white fellow kissed the negro,” said one astonished little girl
who had witnessed the osculating ceremony. . . .
This founder [Seymour] of the sect stands full six feet in height.* He
wears a rubber collar, decorated by no sign of necktie. Adorning his mouth
is open massive gold tooth, flanked by rows of other teeth, perfectly straight
and white. . . .
His voice is like the roaring of a cannon, and . . . he has but one eye. Time
was when Brother Seymore was a table waiter . . . but since then he has been
a religious founder.
“I hab cum to spread the gospel ovah Indianapolis,” he said after he had
been introduced to the audience by Cook, as “my brother, Seymore. . . .”
The negroes who accompanied Brother Seymore were appointed . . . tem-
porary accommodations . . . [last night with] white members of the flock
being eager to do some part in entertaining the negro leader and the [W.H.]
Cummings family.
[* Seymour was actually 5'9.]
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