ishment, and has ever been followed by plagues and incurable diseases upon
the third and fourth generation, the oVspring of such marriages.
Were time to last and inter-marriage continue between the whites, the
blacks, and the reds in America, consumption and other diseases would soon
wipe the mixed bloods oV the face of the earth. . . .
The reason for the flood is plainly seen. God intended to destroy man
whom He had created, with all the half-breeds resulting from inter-marriages.
Yet having made a promise to Adam of a Savior, was compelled to preserve
the Adamic race.
For this reason Noah was chosen, not only because he was a just man
and walked with God, but was perfect in his generation; a pedigree without
mixed blood in it, a lineal descendant of Adam.
The flood destroyed not only the human part of the sixth day creation but
man and beast. . . . [except for] Noah. . . .
Aryan[s]. . . . [migrated] into Western Europe . . . [Scholars] never put
two and two together and discovered that the cradle of the Aryan race was
the exact country where previously the 10 lost tribes of Israel were colonized
. . . Pushing their way westward into what is now Germany. . . . they became
Anglo- Saxons! . . .
These are the nations [High Germans, English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish,
High German, Scandinavian] who have acquired and retained experimen-
tal salvation and deep spiritual truths; while the Gentiles,—the Russians,
the Greek, the Italian, the low German, the French, the Spanish and their
descendants in all parts are formalists, scarce ever obtaining the knowledge
and truth discovered by Luther,—that of justification by faith or of the truth
taught by Wesley, sanctification by faith. . . .
While the heathen,—the Black race, the Brown race, the Red race, the Yel-
low race, in spite of missionary zeal and eVort are nearly all heathen still; but
will, in the dawning of the coming age be given to Jesus for an inheritance.
Just where the tribes are located has not been fully determined, except in
the case of the Danes (the tribe of Dan); England who stands for Ephraim;
and of the United States for Manassah. . . .
The stone of Scone on which the Kings of Ireland, Scotland and England
have been crowned was brought to Ireland, and was the stone on which the
Kings of Judah were crowned, and is a memorial stone of Israel belonging
to Joseph’s sons. (Gen. 49:24.)
(AF, Los Angeles, September 1906, 1)
I rejoice in God over you all, my children, though I have never seen you; but
since you know the Holy Spirit’s power, we are baptized by one Spirit into
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