where people disobey God or break vows. . . . It is an absolute fact that the
mass of Christians are sick because of disobedience to the known will of
God. . . .
Lots of you people coming here for healing never get it; you need to have
the demons cast out of you. Many of these diseases—so called by Materia
Medica—are not diseases, but are [demonic] torments. . . .
At the age of twenty-four, I found the power of God to sanctify the body
from inbred disease as well as from inbred sin. . . .
A sanctified body is as much provided for in the atonement of Jesus as
is sanctification for the soul. . . . Epilepsy, fits, insanity, drunkenness and
abnormal passions are demon controls. . . .
(AF, October 1912, 8–10).
The purpose of the Pentecost is four-fold.
First—the ‘sign of a believer.’ Mark 16:16–20, one of God’s credentials to
those engaged in His work.
Second—a ‘sign to unbelievers.’ Scores of infidels have been converted on
hearing the workers speak in real languages, seeing this latter-day proof of
the authenticity of the Bible . . .
Third—it is the power of witness; not only to prophesy by inspiration in
native tongue, but any language of the world. . . .
Fourth—it constitutes the sealing power. . . .
Speaking in tongues is the only legitimate evidence of the baptism of the
Holy Ghost, and no one can feel assured they have the second chapter of
Acts experience unless they talk freely in a real language as the Sprit gives
Any one going to a foreign field should seek the gift of the language of
that country and should be able to use it and understand it when spoken by
others. . . .
O, how many have been deceived by the Azusa mess. . . .
(AF, Baxter Springs, January 1912, 6–7)
A Happy New Year To All
May this be a year of mighty purification from wild-fire, fanaticism, flesh,
sin, disease and death. . . .
[T]his counterfeit Pentecost (a cross between the Negro and Holy Roller
form of worship) that had its origination in Los Angeles and spread all over
the country. . . .
We do not doubt that some have received a genuine baptism in these fa-
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