Movement, that all… who now accept or propagate the wildfire, fanatical,
wind-sucking, chattering, jabbering, trance, body-shaking originating in
Azuza [sic], as the true work of Pentecost, will fall. . . .
102. “UNITY”
(AF, Baxter Springs, June 1912, 9–11)
In the early days of this Movement. . . . Reporters, professors of languages,
interpreters and foreigners stood amazed at the manifestations of healings
and speaking in tongues.
After the fanaticism broke out at Azuza [sic] St., Los Angeles, a chattering,
jabbering, wind-sucking and body-shaking superceeded [sic] the true work.
I went in great concern to Mr. Seymour and begged him not to send any
workers to the field until they were proven, for I heard but few in all that
wilderness of religious prostitution who really spoke in tongues; but I did
see spiritism, hypnotism and unconscious cerubration as taught in psychic
Seymour, drunken with power and swollen to bursting, sent forth a hun-
dred or more of this kind of worker to fill the earth with the worst prostitu-
tion of Christianity I have ever witnessed; in shame we have had to hang our
heads, as fanatics and fools have returned from foreign fields in disgrace and
shame, with only a monkey chattering; bring a just criticism and condemna-
tion from the Christian press and public.
This kind of work has well-nigh destroyed the true Pentecostal power. . . .
The so called Apostolic papers [published by Seymour] have so lied and
exaggerated about the work, till there will certainly have to come a reckon-
ing. . . .
We have invested too much . . . to see this work captured by the imps of
the devil, in fanaticism, flesh and wildfire, and not make a desperate fight;
and now is the time since God has laid low men-leaders, self-seekers and the
propogators [sic] of Azuza- Durham [sic] counterfeits and false teachings. . . .
[The movement I founded] was bidding fair to capture the world, when
men-leaders arose to draw a following to themselves and fanaticism broke out
in Azuza [sic], until his work was well-nigh wrecked; but thanks be to God
. . . true hearts . . . have weathered the gale [and] are now fully armored for
liberty and power. . . .
103. “FREE- LOVE”
(AF, Baxter Springs, December 1912, 4–5)
Free-love is an animalism which has arisen in the Holiness and Apostolic
work . . .
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