One of the fruitful sources of this cancerous condition is the promiscuous
gathering of men and women around he altars of prayer . . .
For instance, in the Azuza [sic] mission in Los Angeles (where all this
counterfeit Pentecost power was born) in the Upper Room, men and women,
whites and blacks, knelt together or fell across one another; frequently, a
white woman, perhaps of wealth and culture, could be seen thrown back
in the arms of a big “buck nigger,” and held tightly thus as she shivered and
shook in freak imitation of Pentecost.
Horrible, awful shame! Many of the missions on the Pacific cost are per-
meated with this foolishness, and, in fact, it follows the Azuza [sic] work
everywhere. . . .
For instance, in a meeting in Oakland, Cal., where the leader (a lady) took
great pains to tell how “they loved each other, so much!”
In speaking of a Negro who was visiting them, she told how “they all
loved him so, and just made him love them; in fact, we will not let anyone
stay in our house unless [they] love us all, and we just love each other more
and more all the time, etc., etc.”
This lovey dovey talk went on until it was actually sickening. An outsider
would have said that this was another bunch of nigger-lovers and free-lovers;
but they were not, oh no, but were a very esteemable class of Christians.
“Avoid the very appearance of evil.”
I thank God we are gaining ground and victory against these forces and
the true Apostolic Faith is arising from this muck and mire. Let . . . us hum-
ble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may lift up a standard
for the people, and that this blight be removed.
Chas. F. Parham
104. E. N. BELL
notice about parham.
(Word and Witness, Malvern, Arkansas, October 1912, 3)
Chas. F. Parham, who is claiming to be the head and leader of the Apostolic
Faith Movement, has long since been repudiated. He has refused to “hear
the church” and we are obeying the command of Christ, the Head of the
church by letting him be unto us as a “heathen and a publican.” We are sorry
it is so, but until he repents and confesses his sins we cannot obey God and
do otherwise. Let all Pentecostal and Apostolic Faith people of the church
of God take notice and be not misled by his claims.
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