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1. As late as 1912, Seymour and the Azusa Street mission were still hailed as the
single most important leader and center of early Pentecostalism. This is based on a
number of facts, the two most important being: (1) Parham wrote that Seymour and
Azusa were the most important rival leader and center of global Pentecostalism in
1912 and (2) Boddy wrote that same year that Azusa was a “Mecca” of global Pentecos-
talism. Durham died that year, before he could patch up his differences with Seymour
over his summer 1911 schism. This left Seymour without one of his most famous white
friends and one who promoted Seymour and the Azusa revival throughout the larger
white Pentecostal movement from 1907 until the summer of 1911.
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