Sources and Abbreviations
The primary sources for this documentary history are as follows:
The Massachusetts State Archives (MA) contain the Middlesex and
Suffolk County Court Records, and volume 155 of the Massachu-
setts Archives (MA 135).
The Connecticut State Archives, in the Connecticut State Library
(CSL), contain the records of the Court of Assistants, the Samuel
Wyllys Papers, and the Matthew Grant Diary.
The Essex Institute (EI), Salem, is the depository for the Essex County
and Norfolk County Court Records and File Papers.
Houghton Library, Harv·ard University (HLH), owns a collection of
depositions and related documents, "Trials for Witchcraft in New
The Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, New York Public Li-
brary (NYPL), owns the John Pynchon Notebook, a collection of
depositions relating to Hugh and Mary Parsons.
The Annmary Brown Memorial Library (AMBL), Brown University,
owns the Wyllys Papers.
The Boston Public Library (BPL) is the repository for the Prince Col-
lection, which includes the Mather Papers.
The printed sources from which other documents are taken are as
Coll. CHS: Collections ojthe Connecticut Historical Society.
Coll. MHS.· Collections ojthe Massachusetts Historical Society.
Conn. Col. Recs.: The Public Records ojthe Colony oj Connecticut ... ,
vol. 1, edt J. Hammond Trumbull (Hartford, Conn., 1850).
Dow, Hist. ojHampton: Joseph Dow, History oj the Town ojHampton,
New Hampshire, 2 vols. (Salem, Mass., 1895).
Drake, Annals ojWitchcraft.' Samuel G. Drake, Annals ojWitchcraft in
New England (Boston, 1869).
Essex Ct. Recs..' Records and Files oj the Quarterly Courts of Essex
County, 9 vols., edt George F. Dow (Salem, Mass, 1914-75).
Mass. Bay Recs,,' Records ojthe Governor and Company of the Massa-
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