Selective Bibliography
The literature on witch-hunting in Europe and America
marked by differences ojinterpretation-some major, others minor.
In listing a core ojust;lul studies, I have omitted certain books and
articles that are now generally acknowledged to be speculative or
misleading. This does not mean, however, that the studies and in-
terpretations I do list are in agreement-jarfrom it. Anyone ap-
proaching the history ojwitch-huntingjor thefirst time is thert;lore
well advised to begin by reading Chapter
ojChristina Larner's
Enemies of God and the note on "Further Reading" that concludes
Robin Briggs's Witches
Neighbors. No similar survey existsjor
witch-hunting in New England, but two review-essays I have writ-
ten provide a starting point.
Historiography and Bibliography
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Neighbors: The Social and Cultural Context
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