the Second Edition
The second edition of Witch-hunting in Seventeenth-Century New
England contains a significant number of additional documents:
five that supplement the material in the first edition on the Hartford
witch-hunt of 1662-1665, and dozens that detail the history of the
Stamford-Fairfield, Connecticllt, witch-hunt of 1692-1693. Contem-
porary with Salem and no doubt for this reason less studied than
any other major episode in seventeenth-century New England, the
events in Stamford and Fairfield are for the first time made fully
available in the documents that follow. This edition also contains
an updated bibliography. In preparing the new documents I have
enjoyed the assistance of Emma Anderson and, for a second time,
have relied on the skills of Anne S. Brown.
I wish to dedicate this new edition to the memory of Elizabeth B.
Clark (1952-1997), who worked carefully and lovingly alongside
me in preparing the edition of 1991.
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