Although writers have provided individual thanks, certain names and
institutions arise repeatedly and deserve special mention, including: An-
thology Film Archives, Film-Makers’ Cooperative, Canyon Cinema, Mil-
lennium Film Journal, P. Adams Sitney, Scott MacDonald, M. M. Serra,
and Robert Haller. This project benefited from the generosity of the
American Association of University Women in the form of a Summer
Research Grant and from a number of Faculty Research Grants from
Mount Holyoke College. I am grateful to all the writers who have been
part of this project for their enthusiasm and commitment and for their
substantial and passionate work. I want also to express my gratitude to
my colleagues at Mount Holyoke College, particularly Elizabeth Young,
Tom Wartenberg, Paul Staiti, Ajay Sinha, and Jenny Perlin, and to a
number of others, including Cosmas Demetriou, Chris Holmlund, Kath-
leen McHugh, Adrienne McLean, James Meyer, Gordon Spencer-Blaetz,
Ann Steuernagel, Patty White, Ken Wissoker, and two most helpful
anonymous readers.
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