He took to writing in the air with his best finger.
—CésAr vAllejo
Now it’s better but also worse.
There are worlds up above and down below.
—josé mAríA ArguedAs
Memory is best served by time.
We are contemporaries of different histories.
—enrique lihn
It seems we’ve already walked across more ground
than we’re covering now.
—juAn rulFo
Whoever wants to see things deeply has
to accept contradictions.
—Antônio Cândido
In recent decades, both literary production and critical thought
in Latin America have dealt sequentially with three major themes
clearly related to more global and compromising sociohistorical
situations and
1. Change, by means of the revolution that was “around the cor-
ner” in that splendid and beguiling decade of the 1960s, now the
source of much nostalgia and sporadic cynicism, when imagi-
nation and plazas seemed to be ours, and ours the power, the
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