Foremost I would like to thank Cristina de Cornejo Polar for her
unflagging support of this project and for asking Professor Ariel
Dorfman to submit the manuscript to Duke University Press for
consideration. Many, many thanks also go to Dr. Carlos Orihuela,
a former student of Professor Cornejo, for suggesting the transla-
tion of Escribir en el aire in the first place and for spending count-
less hours comparing drafts of my translation to the original. Un
millón de gracias to proofreaders Drs. Francine Masiello, Grace
Márquez, and Janice Lasseter. My intention to make this transla-
tion as accessible as possible to the English- speaking reader would
have been severely compromised without the research of my as-
sistants, David Wendorf and Jonathan Warren, who found extant
English translations of many primary and secondary sources and
searched their pages for citations. Thanks also to Walker Grooms
for his meticulous preparation of the index and to my dean,
Dr. David Chapman, for his financial support of the same. I would
be remiss in not acknowledging the help and encouragement of
my colleagues Professors Mikle Ledgerwood, Kelly Jensen, Milli-
cent Bolden, Patricia Romero, Dennis Sansom, and Francesco
Ianuzzi. And to my family, of course, thank you for your unending
patience and understanding.
lyndA j. jentsCh
Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama
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